Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ghost Experience Detailed By Ubisoft

Is It Passed Our Breakpoint?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has had a tough run of things, mostly from its own doing, but Ubisoft is still trucking it along. Their latest attempt at bringing in activity is a new mode called Immersive Mode. Unfortunately, it had suffered a delay earlier this month, but it’s still coming. A few days ago, Ubisoft what exactly players can expect from Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ghost Eperience. Hopefully, the concerns about the game from the fans will be addressed by these new experiences. We will see when it launches on March 24th.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ghost Experience

Players will be able to play in three ways; Regular Experience, Immersive Experience, and Custom Experience. Regular Experience is the vanilla mode with gear score and tiered loot. Immersive Experience does away with those two things, limits health regeneration, the HUD, and other resources. Custom Experience allows the player to pick and choose what aspects of the game to affect. This ranges from how many bandages you can carry to injury chances to whether or not  ammo is lost on a manual reload. Ghost Experience also allows the player to change enemy difficulty and tactical difficulty. Enemy difficulty affects the behaviours of NPCs and tactical difficulty affects the challenges the player faces, like a handicap.

That covers the big points coming in the Ghost Experience update, but there are more details in Ubisoft’s breakdown of the update. The Ghost Experience launches on March 24th. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is available now on PC, Stadia, Xbox One, and PS4.

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Source: Ubisoft