First Apex Global Major Delayed for Coronavirus

All Other EA Esports Events Suspended

It seems like if an event hasn’t been shut down by the Coronavirus, we are just waiting for the announcement to happen. If you’ve been waiting for the Apex Global Major, looks like we are all going to have to wait a little bit longer, as it has been suspended along with all other EA events.

New Apex Legends Planet

Most fans probably would have already seen this one coming, but there was still a chance they could have taken the event digitally. Tennocon, for instance, has been made fully digital. For the Mortal Kombat world finals, Netherrealm decided to exclude just the live audience portion of the show. As it is possible for them to test a small group fo competitors for public health safety while it would have been impossible for a crowd. However, Apex being a battle royale, it poses innate risks just due to the number of players alone. Additionally, this being their first event, I’m sure they wanted it big with all the bells and whistles.

All events, except ones that were already online-only will be suspended until further notice. This includes games such as EA Sports FIFA 20 Global Series, FIFA Online 4 Live Events, and Madden NFL 20 Championship Series. 

EA released a statement along with the cancellation saying, “Our priority is protecting our competitors, our employees, our partner’s employees and our communities. As we continue to monitor the situation around the coronavirus and receive updated guidance from health officials around the world, we will use this time to determine next steps for moving forward with all of EA’s Competitive Gaming live events and online broadcasts.

Let’s hope the coronavirus issue is solved quickly. Events large as the Apex Global Major can mean many people’s jobs are on the line and countless hours of work would have gone into the event already, from the competitors and organizers. With global awareness being spread about the health concerns, some experts say that much of the danger could be passed in as short as two weeks.

Source: PG Republic