Creative Lead for Doom: Eternal Already Cooking Up New Ideas

He Can’t Really Give Away Anything, Got DLCs to Make First

Doom: Eternal’s release is waiting just around the corner on March 20. Hugo Martin, the creative director for ID software, was recently invited on to the Joe Rogan Experience to share some of his thoughts, experiences, and talk about the game in general. You can take a look at the interview below. On top of all the normal stuff you’d expect from a release cycle interview, he was asked if he had any future plans coming up. He mentioned that the main focus currently is moving on to the promised DLCs for Eternal, but teased at something else cooking on the backburner.

“We’re already moving on to… I don’t want to say ‘the next thing’ – that is a PR answer because I’m not allowed to say that – but we have ideas, certainly, and DLC [for Doom Eternal]. Certainly, we’re always dual-tracking things and talking always, because you never know when the cool idea is going to come along and you’re [always] jotting down notes. We keep those conversations going on the side and see how it goes.”

The interview is a very interesting watch if you are interested in Doom: Eternal, game development, or ID Studios. I’d highly recommend a watch.

I think it’s good that Martin has plans for further along in the future while focusing on tasks at hand. Good ideas take time to develop, and as he says, can be refined by conversations shared on the way to the project. He doesn’t seem to be looking ahead too far either, I can sense his passion for Doom and the upcoming release and DLCs being developed. Can’t fault a creative person for having a few projects on the side, right?

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Source: Joe Rogan Experience