Microsoft Reveals Full Specs For Series X

Pop Open The Hood And Take A Gander

Microsoft published a blog post this morning! Said post contains the full specs for the Xbox Series X, from the CPU to the system’s Ray Tracing capabilities. A quick glance at the listed specs suggest (as expected) that this black box is going to be an absolute juggernaut.

Just Xbox full specs

If something like a quick glance isn’t enough for you, this same blog post gets into the absolute guts of this machine with the good people at Digital Foundry. Known for their obsessive attention to detail regarding gaming technology, DF examines all the moving parts, along with what they mean for the machine upon it’s release. The main message is all about performance.

While the blog post gets granular about every piece and its powers, this whole system is all about those sweet, sweet frames per second. The Series X is built for 4K 60 FPS, and Microsoft really (truly) wants you to know this. To absorb it into your bloodstream. All of their games are going to be smooth as butter on a lubed-up water slide, they promise. One thing’s for sure: with tech that shiny in there, the price point must be towering. Read the whole massive article here. The Xbox Series X is coming to a store near you sometime this holiday season.