Diablo IV Will Officially Have A Server Slam Event In Mid May

Diablo IV Will Officially Have A Server Slam Event In Mid May

Blizzard Entertainment is preparing for the release of the highly anticipated Diablo IV on June 6th. The Diablo franchise is one of the most popular in history, as players go to the depths of hell to destroy hordes of enemies. Ahead of its release, Blizzard announced that it will host a server slam event from May 12th to 14th. It will be available for free on PlayStation and Xbox platforms as well as PC. Furthermore, players will have access to couch co-op, cross-progression and cross-play for all platforms.

In a developer livestream, the company confirmed the details of the upcoming event. Moreover, the purpose of the event is to test the durability of the servers ahead of the game’s launch. Notably, during the beta phases recently, servers were overloaded. Therefore, Blizzard’s decision to host a server slam event is welcomed. In the event, players will be rewarded for completing objectives.

Additionally, in the event, players can enjoy the Prologue and the entirety of Act I until Level 20. Also, the legendary item drop rate is the same as the game’s launch version, however the gear and progress will not carry over to the game’s launch. Furthermore, players will have the chance to defeat one of Hell’s most fowl machinations, Ashava. It will be a monumental task for players, as she has strong scales, two razor-sharp arm blades and will rip through anyone who fights against her.

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