War Robots: Frontiers Leaps into Action with Free to Play Weekend

Mechanized Warfare 

Step into your mech, pilot. Prepare for a full weekend of warfare. Today, MY.GAMES and Pixonic are excited to announce a free to play weekend for their  3rd person, mech shooter, War Robots: Frontiers. Inviting players, once again, to the universe of the massively popular War Robots franchise. Starting today, and going until the 24th of April, players can hop into the game for free on Steam. A press release provides some more details on the game and the Free Weekend. Additionally, a new story trailer shows off the game as well as the journey of APPM-3TR (App-mee-tah) the player’s guide in future updates.

War Robots

War Robots: Frontiers is set 200 years after the events of the first War Robots game. This time pilots will be battling over a system of worlds known as the Wild 10. Of course, players hop into their fully customizable mechs, giant war machines, and battle on various worlds in intense 6v6 battles. As players fight, the environment in which they battle can be fully destroyed, showing off the devastation of battle. Additionally, this aspect of the game shows off the power of the mech’s weapons as the destroy one another. Importantly, players get to choose what kind of mech they would prefer to take into battle. For instance, a fast, close range, stealth mech or a lumbering heavy weapons focused mech. 

Of course, players can check out the new story trailer for a better look at the game. The trailer provides a look at who will become the player’s guide in future updates of the game. Check out the trailer below. 

War Robots: Frontiers is free from today until the 24th. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam. Importantly, all progress made during the free weekend will carry over when the player buys the Pioneer Packs.