Halo Infinite’s Next Update Adds Ranked Doubles & Visor Customization

Halo Infinite Is Re-Introducing Ranked Doubles in Its Next Update

Halo Infinite fans are surely in for a treat when devs roll out the game’s next big update. 343 Industries has confirmed that the next one will re-introduce the beloved doubles playlist. It will also reportedly hugely improve visor customization.

This update will make it easier for us to implement more Ranked playlists moving forward,” devs wrote. “Kicking things off will be Ranked Doubles.” 

halo infinite next update ranked doubles visor customization

Halo Infinite devs also announced that “a social Team Doubles playlist will be accompanying Ranked Doubles on its launch day.” This indicates that players will have twice the 2v2 fun. “We will monitor the health of Ranked Doubles and all our playlists after its addition to the matchmaking lineup,” devs added. “If all playlists continue to perform as expected, we will keep these additions and continue experimenting with adding more Ranked playlists in the future.”

The August Drop Pod update is due for launch on August 9th. Apart from getting the opportunity to play Ranked Doubles, Halo Infinite players will also be able to equip any visor that they already have on any helmet. This will be regardless of the armor core that they use. 

Devs also made Mark VII helmets more customizable. This means that players can use certain Mark VII attachments across all Mark VII helmets.

Furthermore, the update also brings a neat set of quality of life improvements. Halo Infinite players will finally be able to see all of their active challenges while they are playing. They just have to pause the game to view them.

The update is also reportedly going to lay some groundwork for adding a region select feature in the future. However, devs admit that they are not quite done tweaking with the said feature just yet.

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