New Leaked Halo Infinite Footage Shows Forge Mode in Action

Halo Infinite’s New Leaked Footage Shows Off Forge Mode

Halo Infinite has a newly leaked footage. This new video that is making its rounds all over the Internet has given fans a peek at what the game’s Forge mode is going to be like.

Leaked Halo Infinite Forge gameplay explains the weapon combining feature that allows you to create new weapon abilities,” the leaker wrote on social media.

leaked halo infinite footage forge mode in action

Halo Infinite’s Forge is going to allow players to make custom game modes with the use of a suite of tools and scripting options. This feature is due for launch some time at the end of this year as a free update. Fans are glad to know that the highly anticipated mode is finally going to see light after the long delay.

The footage shows the type of flexibility that Halo Infinite’s Forge offers when it comes to modding weapons. Players can use certain tools to effectively transplant a particular weapon’s effects to another. For instance, they can make the Cindershot fire rockets or upgrade the Gravity Hammer to hit like an Energy Sword. One segment of the footage even shows a weapon that functions like the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2.

Halo Infinite devs have actually selected a few community creators to try out Forge in closed testing. They are working relatively fast on this mode, considering that they originally plan to include it in the game’s Season 3. However, the extended Season 1 lasted for more than half a year by the time Season 2 arrived. With that said, it could theoretically not arrive until towards the end of the year.

343 Industries also told the gaming public that some Halo insiders will get the opportunity to play test the game’s campaign co-op mode next month. According to their development progress update in April, this feature will be available in August.

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