Bayonetta 3 Rating Reveals Villain and Plot Points

I Ain’t Homunculi-ing

The next installment of the Bayonetta series is just a couple of months away. The game has been in development for what seems like forever, but our favorite witch will be here soon. Australia’s classification board has given Bayonetta 3 a rating, which has uncovered some mild spoilers.

The rating reveals the name of the main villain, as well as some of the enemies that Bayonetta will be facing off against. It also gives some details on what kind of themes and imagery will be explored.

Bayonetta 3

The rating says, “Bayonetta 3 is an action adventure game in which human characters travel through a series of fantasy environments, battling monsters called Homunculi and an evil being known as Singularity. Players must make their way to an island, Thule, in order to prevent Singularity from destroying the known worlds.

So, Singularity is the big bad of the game. Bayonetta faced off against angels in previous games. In this game, the enemies seem to be Homunculi. These creatures have many different folklore origins, but generally tend to be artificial humans.

As you might expect, the rating highlights the violence in Bayonetta 3, as well as the use of blades, guns, and blood. Though, there will be “Na├»ve Angel Mode”, which covers up the implied nudity. There will also be a moments where “a character removes her own heart in order to increase her powers.”

Bayonetta 3 is expected to come out on October 28th for Nintendo Switch.

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