Platinum Games’ World Of Demons Faces Impending Removal

Game Preservation Concerns Heighten as Platinum Games Announces Removal from Apple Arcade

Game preservation, an ongoing concern within the gaming community, faces another setback as Platinum Games delivers the news that its Apple Arcade exclusive, World Of Demons, is set to vanish from existence in a month. The announcement, conveyed through a succinct four-sentence post on the studio’s official blog, specifies that the game will be removed from the Apple Arcade service on January 18. Subsequently, on February 1, the game will cease all functionality, even for those who managed to download it before its removal.

World Of Demons currently exclusively resides on Apple Arcade, making its impending removal synonymous with its imminent extinction on February 1 unless Platinum Games decides to release it on an alternative console. The blog post expresses gratitude to players who have enjoyed the game since its release, acknowledging their support.

The two-week grace period following removal aligns with Apple Arcade’s policy. If a player downloads a game before its departure from Arcade, they are granted at least two weeks to continue playing it. However, once this grace period expires, attempting to launch the game results in a “No Longer Available” message, marking the end of its accessibility. The fate of World Of Demons exemplifies the ongoing challenge of preserving digital games and raises broader questions about the industry’s responsibility to safeguard gaming experiences from disappearing entirely.

The predetermined two-week grace period outlined by Apple Arcade’s policy acts as a temporary reprieve for players who managed to download the game before its removal. During this period, players retain the ability to launch and play the game. However, once this grace period concludes, a stark message declaring “No Longer Available” materializes, serving as a metaphorical tombstone for the digital existence of the game.

This practice highlights a broader dilemma within the gaming industry—how to address the preservation of digital games in an era where titles are intricately tied to online services and subscriptions. Unlike physical copies, digital games face the risk of complete eradication, raising pertinent questions about the industry’s role in ensuring the longevity of gaming experiences.