Crossfire Series Rolling into Movie Theaters

Crossfire Series Getting a Movie With Fast and Furious Producer

Sony is working on a movie based on the Crossfire series, with Chuck Hogan writing the script and the Fast and Furious producer, Neal H. Mortiz being on board. South Korean game developer Smilegate is teaming with Sony to create the best possible Crossfire film for the big screen. Crossfire is one of the most popular FPS games, with one billion registered players and six million concurrent players. Crossfire is an online tactical first-person shooter for PC, while Crossfire X is coming to Xbox One for free later this year.

CrossFire Movie

Alongside the Fast and Furious, Neal H. Mortiz has been a producer for films such as I am Legend and Out of Time so his credibility in the industry will only benefit the production. Chuck Hogan has written scripts for films such as 13 Hours, The Town and some TV series’. Tencent Pictures is apparently also attached to the the film as a co-financier and co-producer which gives the Crossfire film a tremendous financial benefit. With Sony and Tencent attached to the film, Crossfire will likely be one of the better video game movies.

Crossfire is one of the world’s top-grossing online multiplayer games and is one of the highest-grossing video games of all time, reaching nearly $11 billion gross as of 2018. The film adaptation of Crossfire has been in discussion since October 2015 but it’s gone through several changes since then. Crossfire X will be releasing later this year but there isn’t an official announced date as of now. The series has been met with the most success in the Asian market, while Counter Strike flourished more in the west.

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Source: Comic Book Gaming