Harvard University Adds Red Candle Games Titles for Preservation

Now That’s Devotion

Every now and again, elite universities like Harvard do something cool by accident. Indie developer Red Candle Games received word that two of their games, Detention and Devotion have been added to a library of preservation at Harvard University. Harvard has a foundation called Harvard-Yenching, which is a collection of East Asian cultural materials, which is what Devotion and Detention have become a part of. Harvard-Yenching is also the largest East Asian library to be maintained by an American university. Red Candle Games has released messages of gratitude regarding the induction of their games.

Red Candle Games

On Twitter, Red Candle Games wrote, “So honored that both and are now part of collection at the Harvard-Yenching Library. Meanwhile, for the past year we’re sorry for making you worried. Rest assured we’ll keep develop games with the same passion. And thank you to all who still believe in us.” On Facebook, they posted a more lengthy and detailed response about how the past year has been rough for Red Candle Games, but they are going to continue making games.

You may recall, Devotion had been the subject of controversy since its release. An in-game poster can be seen mocking the Chinese president. Many Chinese users began review-bombing Devotion and it was eventually removed from Steam, and has not returned. Fortunately, preservation efforts like Harvard-Yenching are keeping even controversial works of art like Devotion alive and well.

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Source: Twitter