Valve Intends on Making More Half-Life Games

Half-Life: Alyx May Not Be the Last Half-Life Valve Makes

During a recent interview, Half-Life: Alyx Programmer and Designer, David Speyrer, claimed that Valve is interested in continuing the Half-Life franchise beyond the upcoming release of their VR title. Just as many gamers have been anticipating a new Half-Life game, Speyrer admitted developers at Valve have been eager to revive the franchise and working on Alyx may have revitalized their love for the franchise. The immersive storytelling of Half-Life: Alyx will be releasing on all VR rigs that run SteamVR but it will likely be optimized for the Valve Index.

Half-Life Valve

“It’s probably no surprise that many people at Valve have been wanting to get back to the Half-Life universe for a long time and this experience has only reinforced that,” said David Speyrer. “In the process of creating Half-Life: Alyx, we’ve had to explore new ways to tell stories with these characters and this world, and we’ve discovered a lot of new gameplay experiences that go beyond what we’ve been able to do before. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how people react to Half-Life: Alyx once it’s out, but we’d love to continue pushing forward. We hope their experimenting with various ideas for Half-Life inspires at least a spinoff of the VR title that will be available for traditional gamers.

When asked about what Virtual Reality rigs Half-Life: Alyx will work on, David Speyrer said, “Half-Life: Alyx is exclusive to VR, but not to Valve Index. We continue to believe strongly in the open PC platform, and it is our intention that Half-Life: Alyx is playable on any VR headset that connects to a gaming PC capable of running the game… We put a lot of effort into making Valve Index the highest-fidelity VR solution on the market, and we think it’s a great way to play the game, but it’s absolutely not required.”

Are you looking forward to trying the VR Half-Life: Alyx or are you holding out hope for a more traditional Half-Life experience akin to Half-Life 2? What do you want to see from Valve next? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: The Verge