Medal of Honor Returns on Oculus Rift

After Seven Years of Inactivity, Medal of Honor is Returning

Being Developed by EA’s Respawn Entertainment, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was revealed at the Oculus Connect 6 event set for release in 2020 exclusively for the Oculus Rift. Respawn Entertainment is going back to World War II with Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, bringing historic battlefields to the Rift forefront with a AAA virtual reality experience. The campaign has gamers taking control of an Allied Agent of the Office of Strategic Services and the multiplayer will take maps inspired by real-life historical locations for immersive and intense PvP.

Medal of Honor: Above

As an Allied Agent of the Office of Strategic Services, gamers will join forces with the French Resistance to sabotage Nazi war operations from behind enemy lines during a tour of duty that spans across Europe. Respawn Entertainment is handling this title with a blend of fun and realism as Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond includes a story gallery which highlights the lives of World War II survivors and veterans, telling first-hand stories of the events that helped shape our history and ultimately our world. Respawn’s goal is to entertain with this title, but also to make you pause and reflect on the events of the past and how they helped create the world of today. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond uses the immersive Oculus Rift technology to bring the sights and sounds of World War II battlefields to gamers as if they were there experiencing the last World War.

Considering Respawn Entertainment was built from developers who left Infinity Ward after Modern Warfare 2, it’s somewhat ironic that a team who previously made Call of Duty games under a different umbrella is now making a Virtual Reality Medal of Honor game. Because of Respawn’s list of quality shooters so far, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will likely continue the trend.

What do you think of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond returning the franchise with a virtual reality experience? What’s your favorite VR experience so far? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech