Looks Like Borderlands 3 Will Come with Cross-Platform Co-Op

Borderlands 3 May Be Crossing Borders

After Borderlands 3’s box art and release date was officially revealed this morning, the game went live on the Microsoft store and seems to come with an unexpected and welcome feature that’s sure to make fans on multiple platforms happy.

Under the game’s “Capabilities section,” there’s a little grey blurb that contains the words “Cross-Platform Co-Op,” alongside 4K Ultra HD, HDR10, and Variable Refresh Rate. This section also confirms that local multiplayer will max out at 2 players, whereas the Handsome Collection and today’s re-release of the original Borderlands supports 4-players.

The PlayStation store’s listing is not quite as robust as the Microsoft store’s, as it has yet to be updated with the game’s new release date (though it does have the box art), and seems to be missing a slew of other details, but it’s likely safe to assume the cross-play will be restricted to Xbox and PC platforms. Sony has been historically cagey about cross-play, only opening up Fortnite after immense player pressure.

Borderlands 3 Release Date

Borderlands 3 now has a confirmed release date for September 13th, 2019, for PC (where it’ll be an Epic Games store exclusive until April 2020), PS4 and Xbox One. The above trailer was released alongside the box art and date earlier this morning, the latter of which both leaked last night. Let us know what you think in the comments!

SOURCE: Microsoft Store