Razer Opus X Wireless Headset Review – C’mon Feel The Noise

Razer Opus X Wireless Headset Review

I’ve reviewed a slew of headsets over the years. I dabbled with high-end headsets that delivered premium sound and comfort. I enjoyed my time with many of those headsets, Yet in the end, it’s tough to stomach spending over $400 or even $500 bucks on a pair of headphones. I’ve also checked out many affordable headsets that ended up surprising me. The Razer Opus X falls into that category of affordable, yet surprisingly good. At around $99 USD, the Opus X is an excellent bang for the buck and I’m genuinely surprised with how good they sound.

They look sharp too. The Opus X comes in three distinct colors: Mercury, Quartz, and Green. I had the opportunity to check out the Mercury Opus X. The all-white with light grey leatherette ear cushions have a classy yet sporty design. They aren’t bulky at all and there is no way you will feel embarrassed wearing them in public. All the controls are located on the right ear cup tucked away from view, while the Razer logo is subtly etched into the left side of the headband. The microphone is built-in, so there is no need to worry about removing or flipping up an intrusive mic. It all has a clean look, and I love that.

Opus X

On the downside, it does not include any kind of travel or storage case. There is no storage stand either. I hate leaving my cans lying around, so it would have been nice if some kind of storage solution was included. In fact, inside the box, all you get is the headset, some instructions, and a USB charging cable that is a little on the short side. This is without question a no-frills package. You’re paying for the headset and that is about it.

Not The End of The World

Another little bit of bad news is the headset is not designed for PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch consoles. Razer has other headphones made specifically for the PlayStation and Xbox, which we have already reviewed. The focus is clearly intended for PC and mobile gamers. They are also ideal for those working from home. I used them during a video conference call, and they worked like a charm. Now, I would have loved to have been able to use the Opus X on my Xbox Series X, but that just isn’t possible. Ultimately, it’s not a deal-breaker as I prefer using these stylish cans for mobile gaming, listening to podcasts, and playlists anyhow.

While I wasn’t able to use the headset with my consoles, the 60ms low latency gaming mode makes it fantastic for mobile gaming on your phone or tablet device. The bass and overall clarity is excellent. All the sounds come through crystal clear with no lag. The deep bass and clear highs made for an audio experience that fully immerses you. The headphones come equipped with custom-tuned 40mm drivers that provide a brilliant audio experience. Whether you are listening to music or playing Call of Duty Mobile, the Opus X delivers in a big way in the audio department.

Opus X

The controls are nicely placed as well. I wasn’t fiddling searching for the volume or power button. One ear cup has volume control buttons, power button, a multifunction button, and LED indicator. The power button also doubles as the ANC button and for activating Quick Attention Mode.

The noise-canceling feature works as advertised. I had my wife yell at me when it was activated and I could barely hear her at all. It was extremely faint and she was barking at the top of her lungs. I was super impressed. The true test for me; however, will be when I am flying on an airplane again, but from what I have witnessed so far, the ANC works like a charm… so far.

Connectivity is accomplished strictly via Bluetooth 5.0. There is no 3.5 mm jack, which effectively eliminates its use from many older devices. Again, not a deal-breaker but it would have been nice to have been able to use it via the Nintendo Switch jack or my older laptop which has Bluetooth, but for some reason, it’s buggered.

Feeling Great

Comfort-wise, the Opus X is rock solid. The headset is light and comfortable. Only after hours of use did my ears get hot. Otherwise, I found them extremely comfortable and my ears never felt sore or overly sweaty. They are easily adjustable and seem to fit perfectly on my melon.

The 30-hour battery life is easily one of the best features of the Opus X. This is significantly longer than many other headsets that arrive around the same price range. My only gripe, the USB charge cable is super short. So, if your headset dies while listening, you’ll need to buy yourself a USB with a long cable, as the included one is ridiculously tiny.

Overall, Razer’s Opus X is a fantastic value for the buck. At around $100 bucks it’s safe to say you won’t be disappointed with these wireless noise-canceling headphones. I have zero complaints about the sound and comfort wise it ranks with the best. The lack of a 3.5mm jack, storage case, and ability to use it on gaming consoles is a bit of a letdown, yet at the end of the day, the Opus X is an excellent choice for those on the go.

***The Opus X was provided by Razer***

The Good

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Sounds great

The Bad

  • Cannot play on consoles
  • No 3.5mm jack
  • No storage case or stand