LS15P Wireless PlayStation Gaming Headset Review – Decent Budget Friendly Cans

LS15P Wireless PlayStation Gaming Headset Review

It’s been just about an entire month since the release of the brand new console generation and even though there’s quite a bit of games to play, you might not necessarily have a bunch of old faithful accessories to use alongside them. LucidSound has dropped their latest gaming headset, the LS15P, for PlayStation (both PS5 and PS4) and considering the price it offers pretty good bang for the buck.

lucidsound ls15p headset 1

Right out of the box the LS15P is not only sleek with it’s all black and subtly patterned aesthetic, but it also feels fairly flexible and sturdy. The ear cushions offer up some good foam allowing for maximum comfort for long gaming sessions and even though this headset isn’t specifically designed for those who wear glasses, I found I didn’t have to adjust the headset much to fit with my glasses. Which is great. In terms of earphone coverage the LS15P definitely covers your ears comfortably, even if you’ve got bigger ears or if you wear earrings. I will say; however, one of the ear cups popped off surprisingly easy and it was a bit of a pain getting the ear cup back in place.

Super Easy to Use

I absolutely loved how easy it was to set up the LucidSound LS15P on the PS5. Simply plug in the USB dongle, turn on your headset and you are good to go. Within seconds I was playing and using the headset. On the PS4 I noticed one small thing, however, where I couldn’t always hear the sound right away and had to replug in the USB dongle a second time. Not a huge gripe, but I had to do this a few times. Other than this though the LS15P is just as easy to use as it is to set up.

LucidSound designed the LS15P with a variety of gamers in mind and despite this being a budget-friendly headset there’s a lot on offer here. It’s wireless, and don’t worry, you can rest easy knowing there is no noticeable lag in sound. There’s also a removable boom mic that glows red when muted. I love this feature/indicator because sometimes I forget whether I’ve muted my mic before watching Youtube or Tik Tok on my phone. I can guarantee I’m not the only one that does this. And let’s be honest, you never want to be that person in your party, or in an online game where you’re blasting music when everyone else is just trying to play.

lucidsound ls15p headset mid

Unlike some other headsets on the market where one earphone has all the feature buttons or where there isn’t much in the way of sound customization, the LS15P allows for three different EQ presets, a battery level indicator, an audio volume control wheel and mute button and a chat volume control wheel and mute button. That’s right, you can mute all audio in the game and chat, or you can mute just the chat, meaning you won’t be able to hear a thing. Not entirely sure why you’d want complete silence (even from your game), but hey, whatever floats your boat. And then of course, there’s also the aforementioned regular mic mute button. There are also voice prompts so if you accidentally bump specific buttons while adjusting the headset you’ll be aware of it right away.

The 3 different EQ presets are: Natural, Signature Sound, and Bass Boost and while I didn’t notice too much of a difference between them, the Signature Sound is definitely better for FPS titles, where as the Bass Boost option is good for games with an emphasis on the narrative and/or music. The LS15P offers up ample battery life – up to 15 hours, and I found as long as I charged it at the end of my long play sessions, it was always good for the next marathon gaming weekend. In fact, the first few days I spent with it I didn’t need to charge it at all. So if you only play an hour or two at a time, you’ll almost feel like you never have to plug this bad boy in.

Good Sound on a Budget

Sound-wise, they are rock solid. Especially when you consider the price of the headset at $99 USD. There are absolutely better headsets on the market, but I was surprised by how good they sound on both the PS4 and PS5. On the PS4 I did notice a few small pops every so often but found this didn’t take away from the level of sound from the games I was playing. Additionally, the LS15P has the ability to remove the mic which activates a secondary internal mic. Though LucidSound markets this option being perfect for mobile gaming and taking phone calls, the mic sound becomes diminished and simply isn’t as clear.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the sound on both the PS4 and PS5, the features offered, and the level of comfort of the headset. If you’re looking for a good budget headset that works for both the PS4 and the PS5 then the LS15P is definitely a great option.

***headset provided by the LucidSound***

The Good

  • Lots of features
  • Good bang for buck
  • Super easy to set up/use

The Bad

  • Earphone cups pop off easily
  • Few minor issues with sound
  • Internal mic sound not as good