Mantis Burn Racing: Snowbound and Elite Class DLC Review – Premium DLC That Doesn’t Break The Bank

Mantis Burn Racing: Snowbound and Elite Class DLC Review

It’s been quite some time since we had a quality top-down racing title grace our consoles, and when VooFoo Studios launched Mantis Burn Racing we were simultaneously captivated and blown away. Earning itself a respectful 78 here at COGconnected we certainly enjoyed our time with the original offering. Mantis Burn Racing takes us back to the days of classics like Micro Machines or Rock N’ Roll Racing but gives it to us in glorious current gen detail with simple mechanics on challenging courses that makes one feel like a true professional.

Originally launching back in October, VooFoo Studios has recently launched their first two DLC packs to expand on an already superb racing title. First up is the Snowbound DLC Pack. Adding four new tracks high up in the mountains, the Snowbound races are the most difficult the game has had to offer yet. With seriously narrow roads, tight corners, jagged rocks lining the track and slick road conditions due to ice and snow, these tracks are designed to test those considerable skills you have been developing. While the original tracks in the game allow you to slip into the zone and handle corners with expert precision, the Snowbound stages will keep you on your toes at all times. Four new tracks might not sound like much, but keep in mind the array of different game modes available for each track from standard racing and time trials to sprints, knockouts, accumulation and more. It’s a hell of a challenge and worth every moment of it.


“… these tracks are designed to test those considerable skills you have been developing.”

Mantis Burn Racing features three weight classes (Light, Medium, and Heavy) in three racing classes: Rookie, Pro, and Veteran. While nine vehicles may not seem like much, each one has its own unique feel and skills depending on the track and race type you encounter. The Elite Class DLC, however, knocks it up a notch adding three more vehicles in a class of their own with one very notable difference: the Harpy, Griffin, and Manticore are all hovercraft. While each one will retain their weight class’s particular strengths and weaknesses (Light is fast and touchy, Medium is balanced, Heavy is sluggish but durable) you now have the added task of learning to drive without wheels. All three vehicles will take corners tighter, drift easier, and handle exactly as you would expect a flying car to handle. Mastering one of these leaves you feeling like you truly stepped up your game, but don’t expect these cars to be simple “pick up and play” experiences: They take serious work but are well worth it for the additional speed and power these vehicles deliver. Buying the Elite Class DLC will also add two more seasons to the Career mode.

Mantis Burn Racing Snowbound TOP SCREEN

Considering Snowbound is a free DLC and Elite Class only costs $2.49, these are not only both welcome additions to an already stellar game, but a bargain for fans of the title who will undoubtedly enjoy the invigorating challenge.

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The Good

  • New challenges
  • Slick designs
  • Expands career mode

The Bad

  • For $2.49… nothing