The Definitive Xbox Holiday Gift Guide 2021

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase - E3 2021

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the premier gaming subscription service – not just for Xbox, but for all of gaming. With this pass, subscribers will have access to over 100 games on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. New games are rotated into the line-up every month, so there will be no shortage of quality titles to play. Even better, Xbox Game Studios games will be added on the day they’re released – meaning gamers can play hot new titles like Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite the day they’re released. This membership also includes Xbox Live Gold, which allows gamers to play games online, and EA Play, which is a vast collection of EA games.

If your gamer doesn’t play games online, and only plays on one platform, such as PC or Xbox consoles, then they can opt for the PC Game Pass or the Console Game Pass. These are cheaper memberships that don’t include Xbox Live Gold.

EPOS H3 Hybrid Gaming Headset

EPOS H3 Hybrid Headset

If you’re shopping for a gamer that lives with others – or maybe they live somewhere with neighbours close by – then a headset is a perfect gift to drown out any outside noise and focus solely on gaming. One headset that is incredibly easy to recommend is the EPOS H3 Hybrid Gaming headset. It is compatible with damn near any gaming device, including the Xbox Series X. It offers both wired and wireless/Bluetooth options. And it sounds amazing. You can check out our review for it here.

HyperX CloudX Stinger Core Wireless Headset

If you’re in the market for a gaming headset, however, you’re also shopping on a budget – we have a solution for that too. The HyperX CloudX Stinger Core Wireless Headset is a no-frills, wireless solution for gaming audio. Just keep in mind that this headset is exclusive to Xbox consoles and will not work elsewhere. Check out our review here.

Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge

This one might be hard to track down – but if you’re shopping for an Xbox fan, you can do no wrong with the official Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge. The whole backstory behind the mini-fridge is hilarious. It truly is marketing at its best. Granted, it’ll only hold about 10 cans of pop, but it will still look awesome in a gaming room.

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