The Definitive Xbox Holiday Gift Guide 2021

To wrap up our Xbox Holiday Gift Guide, we’ve got a collection of must-play Xbox Series X games.

Forza Horizon 5

Quite simply the best arcade racing game ever made. It’s stunning with a vast open-world, hundreds of cars, and plenty of events to participate in. This is a must-have game for any Xbox fan.

Battlefield 2042

While not an Xbox exclusive, Battlefield 2042 brings the iconic franchise back to consoles with a not-so-distant futuristic combat game. Vast maps offer players plenty of opportunities to get the upper hand against their opponents. You’ll want to play this one with a squad of buddies online.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

While Battlefield 2042 is taking players to the future, Call of Duty: Vanguard is taking players back through history to the end of WWII. Featuring a thrilling campaign, a challenging Zombies experience, and the unmistakable “Call of Duty” multiplayer action – Vanguard is a must-play for shooter fans.

Halo: Infinite

The team at 343 Industries has been hard at work developing a brand new entry in the iconic Halo franchise – and by the looks of things, Halo Infinite will have been worth the wait. Featuring a brand new Master Chief story, some open-world elements, and a lot of classic Halo conventions – Halo Infinite will likely be on the minds of gamers for months to come. Releases Dec 8th, 2021, however, fans can start enjoying the multiplayer component now.

And that concludes our Xbox Holiday Gift Guide 2021. We hope this has sparked some gift ideas for the Xbox fans on your shopping list. Do you have any suggestions that should have made the list? Be sure to comment below so other readers can hear your amazing suggestions! Enjoy the holidays and stay safe.