Pre-Order the Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge Next Week


They did it. They really did it. This holiday season, fans of gaming and cold beverages alike will be able to unbox their own Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge. We were promised some details last month and Xbox Head of Marketing Aaron Greenberg delivered.

It’s beautiful, but is smaller than most mini-fridges out there. It’s more like a mini-mini-fridge. The outer dimensions are about 18″ tall, 9″ wide, and 9″ deep. If you are like me and have no concept of measurements, it is a bit bigger than an actual Xbox Series X.

Images show that it can hold about 10 standard 12 oz cans. There are two shelves that can be removed. Without the shelves, it can hold about 8 tall cans of Monster or whatever your preferred energy drink is. It also has two slots on the interior of the door for snacks.

The exterior looks almost exactly like its console counterpart. It has the vents on the top, buttons, USB port, and disk slot in all the right places, though it is unclear if these have actual functions. The Xbox logo and the top vents have snazzy LED lights and apparently, you can take it on the go, though I would not recommend you place it on its side, like you would the console.

It may not be as big as other mini-fridges out there, but the price is also pretty reasonable, considering it is kind of a novelty item. It will only cost about $99 for each unit. I was expecting it to be more expensive. Then again, I was also expecting it to be bigger.

If you are worried about supply, it is sure to sell out, but it will not be a limited item. Greenberg said that they would make as many as they can for the holiday season launch, then make another batch in early 2022. Hopefully, if it sells well and the demand is high, there will be another round of fridges. Pre-orders go live on October 19th.

Are you going to pre-order your own Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge? Let us know in the comments below.

Story Update:

Xbox has confirmed they will be shipping online orders of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge to fans in Canada this holiday. Unfortunately, Target is not able to offer shipping to Canada through its website. The good news, however, Xbox says the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge will be available in Canada directly from the Xbox Gear store. The first wave of units should arrive this December.