Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge Coming This Holiday Season

Summoning Circles Actually Work

The joke has come full circle. When the Xbox Series X was revealed, fans joked about how the console looks more like a fridge than an entertainment system. Then Xbox got in on the joke by sending out actual Xbox Series X fridges to Snoop Dogg and iJustine.

Now, fully embracing the joke, Xbox is producing Xbox Series X mini-fridges, slated for release this holiday season. After a bit of a nudge on Twitter, Xbox Head of Marketing Aaron Greenberg gave us a little update on these mini-fridges.

According to Greenberg, Xbox will be sharing some news on the holiday launch of the Xbox Series X mini-fridges next month. Who knows what that means though? Maybe we’ll get the dimensions, the price, the manufacturing quantity? Maybe Xbox will show us a music video like Xbox Game Pass has.

All we know is that fans will be able to look forward to putting this item on their wishlists and under their non-denominational holiday tree. Hopefully, it will not face the same kind of shortages that the real consoles did when they launched late last year.

If we really want to go too far with this joke, maybe this could be Xbox’s first step into the small and large appliances industry. I’d like to see an Xbox dishwasher or Xbox washer/dryer combo. I wouldn’t say no to a limited edition Gears of War bidet. You can have these ideas for free, Aaron. Hopefully, everyone gets their wish for an Xbox Series X mini-fridge this holiday season.

Could you do with one of these Xbox Series X mini-fridges? Let us know in the comments below.