Destiny 2 Players Aren’t Too Happy With New Trials of Osiris Game Mode

Destiny 2 Fans Are Complaining About its New Trials of Osiris Game Mode

Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris game mode has received a lot of changes in the past couple of weeks. Fans of the franchise are generally satisfied with the recent changes, from allowing solo and duo queue players to having the passage system completely reworked. However, one key change in its game mode has made a lot of the players not too happy.

Trials of Osiris is usually played in a first to five round game mode that only requires Destiny 2 players to eliminate the other team before they get eliminated themselves. This type of game mode has been in the system since Trials of Osiris was added to the game in the original Destiny game. 

destiny 2 trials of osiris game mode

However, the new changes have evolved this formula by implementing a capture point 30 seconds after the round has started. This new capture point will spawn either in the middle of the map or in either of the two team spawns. Theoretically, this new Destiny 2 change was added to encourage players to push and take gunfights much faster. It has been noticed by many that this only tends to happen when the zone spawns in the middle of the map.

Unfortunately, if the zone appears in the team’s own spawn, the tend to just sit and wait for opponents to push towards them—hence allowing a camping type of strategy. The time that it takes for the enemy team to make that final push towards their side will allow them to place Warlock wells, Titan barricades, and also give them the opportunity to get better positions to prepare for the incoming battle.

The capture point is really killing the momentum of the matches,” wrote one Destiny 2 player. “It really encourages camping play style.”

The good news is that this new version of Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris game mode will seemingly only be around for one week since it is Labs testing week. Still, the Destiny 2 community were quick to voice out their dissatisfaction.