Destiny 2 Players Think the Explosive Light Nerf Was ‘Way Too Extreme’

Destiny 2 Fans Aren’t Too Happy With the Latest Nerf

Destiny 2 just got quite a few power rebalances to its Season of the Lost. One nerf that got hugely called out by the gaming community was Bungie’s decision to change the game’s Explosive Light feature, which, in turn, massively reduced the damage potential of their rocket launchers.

The nerf to Explosive Light was way too extreme,” wrote one Destiny 2 fan. “Now, the perk is very underwhelming compared to its counterparts.” Before the nerf, Explosive Light was being utilized to increase the damage of select rocket launchers—as long as players are able to collect orbs of light.

destiny 2 explosive light nerf

Since the nerf, Destiny 2 players have noticed that the new damage numbers came shy of the Vorpal and Lasting Impression modifiers. The issue here is that, now, players need to collect six orbs of light just so they are able to hit Explosive Light’s maximum damage. Vorpal and Lasting Impression, on the other hand, can reportedly do more with a much lesser setup.

You spawn in fresh, pull out a rocket launcher, and it will still do Vorpal or Lasting Impression damage for every rocket—as long as you have the perk selected,” the player added. “Now, on the other hand, to do the 90789 damage with Explosive Light for all your rockets, you need to pick up six orbs of light to do full 90789 damage for all your rockets.”

Another Destiny 2 player experimented on this issue and confirmed that Explosive Light perk is now much less effective compared to the others—even after obtaining the maximum number of orbs of light to get the highest damage increase possible. To make it even more unfortunate for Destiny 2‘s Explosive Light users, the perk seemingly does not stack with anything to make it worth the effort of keeping, on top of coming across something else that is more useful.