Destiny 2 Crossplay Feature Will Unify Players with Singular Bungie Name

Destiny 2 Crossplay Users Can Play Across Platforms Under One “Bungie Name”

Bungie just came out with further information about Destiny 2’s upcoming cross-platform support in their blog post. Sadly, however, the gaming community is still in the dark about an official Destiny 2 crossplay launch, except for a promise that it will be out “early” in Season 15—which has been already been slated to start on August 24th.

Apart from this new Destiny 2 crossplay feature, all player experiences will be unified, regardless of what platform is being used, by a singular Bungie Name. This name—like PlayerName#1234, will be generated depending on the platform used upon logging in for the first time. Players will be given the opportunity to change the name towards the end of this year, but that will not be for a while.

Destiny 2 crossplay

There will be a moderation process to keep offensive words from making its way through. Certain characters that are not displayable on their system—such as the ones that cannot be typed into the player search box with the use of console virtual keyboards—will also be removed.

For the game’s PvE mode, matches will be derived from a global pool. However, for the competitive modes, namely, Trials, Crucible, Iron Banner, and Gambit, there will be a special Destiny 2 crossplay matchmaking process. PC players will be head-to-head with other PC players. Console players will also be playing against other console players, and can even play with Stadia players—who can use mouse and keyboard. The only way for Destiny 2 crossplay gaming to happen between PC and console players is if the latter is in a party with the former. The console player will then be included into the pool of PC gamers. This Destiny 2 crossplay matchmaking process may possibly change at some point.

It was in December of 2020 that Bungie first announced to the gaming community that Destiny 2 will officially be getting crossplay support in 2021. In May, however, some players were able to test the feature when they accidentally released it for a short period of time.