Final Fantasy 16 Deviates from Sci-Fi Pattern and Goes Back to Fantasy

Final Fantasy 16 Will Feature A DnD-Style Setting

Final Fantasy 16, the next major single-player addition to the iconic RPG franchise, is going to take its players back to its fantasy-based origin. For the past two decades, Square Enix gave the game a heavy sci-fi premise. Final Fantasy 16, however, will be deviating from this tradition and will be hugely different from its forerunners.

The sci-fi setting of previous Final Fantasy installments helped in stabilizing the franchise’s name in the gaming community. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake was pushing the sci-fi aesthetic so hard and was a huge catalyst in its success. However, FF players were not too happy with Final Fantasy 15’s modern theme and even felt like this approach has started to grow stale.

Final Fantasy 16

This new Final Fantasy 16 update is a clearly a huge step away from what was being offered by its predecessors, but heading back to its fantasy vibe cannot be a bad idea, considering that half of its name is “fantasy.” This shift of its in-game setting is also expected to be a good move since the market has seen a noticeable success for games that have traditional fantasy archetypes.

This will not be the first time that Square Enix took the franchise back to its DnD-esque aesthetic. Final Fantasy 9 also had a medieval setting, and it is considered to be one of the best versions of the game to date. Final Fantasy 16 will pretty much feature the same medieval approach, but with a much darker tone.

Final Fantasy 16’s new theme is not the only thing that is being changed, too. Apparently, the franchise is going to prioritize British English over Japanese voice recording. “This time, English recording is going first,” Producer Naoko Yoshida confirmed to Washagana TV in an interview. “And we have been focusing on British English. We are going to start Japanese version soon.”