Destiny 2’s Lorentz Driver Will Get Nerfed in a Future Hotfix

Destiny 2’s Exotic, the Lorentz Driver, Is Going to Get Nerfed

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost is only a few days in and it is officially bound for some changes soon, especially with regards to one of its Exotic weapons. The Lorentz Driver, the game’s Season Pass Exotic void linear fusion rifle, is one of the two new Exotics in the season, and it looks like devs are going to nerf it.

destiny 2 lorentz driver nerf

The intrinsic perk of this Destiny 2 weapon is its Lagrangian Sight. It works by marking the enemy randomly, and if the player ends up killing that enemy by using the weapon, it drops a telemetry pattern for ability energy while collecting three without dying grants bonus damage. It is this particular marking pattern that has reportedly been abused by many Destiny 2 players in the Crucible, forcing Bungie to act.

We are looking to disable the visual tracking perk on Lorentz Driver in PvP modes,” Community Manager DMG wrote on social media. “This change will come in a future hot fix.” This means that a hot fix is going to be rolled out soon, but no exact date or time was provided.

The devs’ decision to nerf the Lorentz Driver is just the tip of the iceberg, since there have also been reports about the unexpectedly massive damage boost from the hunter Exotic, Lucky Pants. Moreover, there are also reports that the game’s Radiant Dance Machines might also get nerfed as it helps Destiny 2 players create some ridiculous builds, whether in the Crucible, Gambit, or during PvE activities.

Radiant Dance Machines are pretty new to Destiny 2, but they were actually first showcased in Destiny 1. They work by increasing the player’s movement speed while they are aiming down the sights of a weapon. However, in Destiny they got an apparent overhaul which allows players to utilize their Hunter dodge ability many times in a row for five seconds—as long as they are within a certain proximity of the enemy. Pairing it with the right items could definitely give Destiny 2 players a serious advantage.