Destiny 2’s Primary Weapons Will Get Infinite Ammo

Destiny 2 Players Won’t Have To Run Out of Ammo Anymore

Destiny 2 players are in for a treat. As revealed in the latest edition of This Week at Bungie, the game’s next season will have a very interesting change to its Primary weapons. As many fans have previously suspected, Destiny 2 will soon have infinite ammo.

Running out of Primary ammo has never been tactically interesting,” said Weapons Feature Lead Chris Proctor. “Running out in hard PvE content or because you were on a tear in PvP was a weird and sometimes frustrating experience that we would like to not subject anyone to in the future.”

destiny 2 infinite ammo

However, Bungie does not plan to simply stuff endless ammunition into Destiny 2’s Primary weapons and call it a day. There are adjustments involved that will compensate for the fact that the players will no longer have to pick up white bricks of ammo anymore. After all, having a big ammo reserve within the game will no longer make sense if Destiny 2 devs make the players never run dry.

Destiny 2’s Inertia Override has been adjusted to account for the absence of Primary bricks. The Drop Mag’s downside of reducing the ammo reserve will no longer make sense and have been reworked to increase reload speed and reduce magazine size. The Compact Arrow Shaft’s upside of increasing the ammo reserve was, on the other hand, reworked to increase reload speed with improved handling.

Alongside these tweaks, Destiny 2 will also have some changes to its Exotics—specifically to some fan-favourites. The biggest nerf that is coming will be applied to the Anarchy Grenade Launcher, which is what players usually use in raid loadouts. Although Bungie wants to keep the weapon powerful, they did tweak it a bit so that it will not be as good when it comes to clearing minor enemies and damaging the boss. Its total ammunition has been reduced from 26 to 16 shots, and boss damage was cut by 30%.