In 2022, Imp of the Sun Will Light A Fire in Your Heart

This Game’s Future Looks Bright!

Fresh onto the indie scene, Sunwolf Entertainment will be launching their first ever game release: Imp of the Sun, coming to the Steam and Epic Games platforms early next year.

Imp of the Sun markets itself as a “nonlinear 2D action-platformer that combines fast-paced combat and exploration set across a stunning Peruvian-inspired world, from the bright peaks of the Andean mountains to the dense Amazonian jungles.” That iconic south American style is easy to see, the game’s art style reveals a clear passion for the ancient cultures of that part of the world.

An adoration for history seems to be a core part of Imp of the Sun’s identity – a major way of learning about the game’s story will be through hidden artifacts known as “Quipus”. In the real world, those were recording devices made of knotted string, used to track numerical information. Now, I’m not sure how the fire-creature you play as will collect strings without destroying them, but I think I can let this slide – the protaganist’s design is just too cool to pass up, and the idea of playing as a living ball of fire offers a ton of cool puzzle and gameplay concepts. Whether the game will focus on those ideas is yet to be revealed, but I for one hope that that’s a direction they’ll take.

The game’s plot is simple – the sun’s power is winding down, and it’s your job to reignite it – saving the world from an “Eternal Eclipse”. A simple concept, but sometimes simple ideas can be among the best. Some excellent moments can come from the simplest building blocks, especially if the game works well with a more straightforward tone. Just look at Ori and the Blind Forest or the more recently-released Hoa, atmosphere can carry a game’s enjoyment single-handedly, and Imp of the Sun game seems to have plenty.