Buckshot Roulette Risks it All With Release

A Shell of a Time 

Ever had the thought, “wow Russian roulette in video games is so boring with a revolver”? Well now this new game allows you to experience the thrill and brutality of Russian roulette with a twist. Now, players will face off against their roulette opponent with a 12 gauge shotgun. That’s right, today, CRITICAL REFLEX and developer Mike Klubnika are happy to announce the release of their unsettling arcade gambling game, Buckshot Roulette. Introducing players to the hectic and hellish reality of the underground nightclub, the game allows players to test their survival and earn winnings in a deadly contest. Of course, this contest is Russian roulette with a major twist. Interestingly, a new trailer shows off what players can expect in the underground club. 

Buckshot Roulette

Buckshot Roulette allows players to go head to head with the infamous Dealer. The game of choice? The titular game. However, this twisted game of roulette is played with a shotgun instead of a revolver. Yet, the game isn’t always so clear. A changing roster of items alter the rules of the game every time you play. Saw off the barrel of the shotgun, take random pills, and more. Of course, players can unlock more items as they go, each fundamentally changing the game. Furthermore, for those feeling brave, they can risk going double or nothing against the Dealer. This frantic mode will test your willpower and nerves in a game mode that is constantly changing with randomized rules and outcomes.

Of course, players can check out the new trailer for a look at the game. View the trailer below.

Buckshot Roulette is out now on Steam.