Destiny 2’s Crossplay Voice Chat Feature Is Hit-or-Miss for Xbox Players

Destiny 2’s Crossplay Voice Chat Feature Isn’t Working Well for Xbox Players

Destiny 2 has been in the gaming market with its crossplay feature enabled for a week, and it just got the voice chat feature activated. This voice chat will allow friends—across all supported platforms—to chat with each other while in-game. However, it looks like Xbox users are experiencing an issue.

destiny 2 crossplay voice chat

The biggest problem with Destiny 2’s new voice cheat feature is that Xbox users can still hear anyone even if their chat settings are set to just their friends. Unfortunately, even the option of muting a player in a Fireteam chat does not seem to fix the issue.

Bungie, the team behind Destiny 2, posted patch notes for the recent Hotfix, and it listed some communication privacy issues that were not working as intended for the game’s Xbox players. As aforementioned, Xbox players of Destiny 2 can still hear, and even receive invites, from just about anyone who is also playing, even if they have set their privacy settings to friends or in-game friends. They can also still hear dialogue from players who are using other consoles even if they have chosen to deactivate the “you can communicate outside of Xbox with voice and text” feature. And, lastly, they can also still hear other Xbox Destiny 2 fans in Team Chat or Fireteam Chat, even if that particular player is on their mute list.

Back in May, however, Destiny 2 fans were treated by Bungie when the studio accidentally enabled crossplay chat. It was only a technical fluke that, nonetheless, sent PC players into a frenzy when they found out they could chat with console players. At the time, Bungie confirmed that it was merely a mistake, and that the feature was not fully functional just yet. Still, many Destiny 2 players had fun with it and took advantage of the feature for about a week before devs took it down.