Destiny 2’s Xur Has God Rolls for Exotic & Legendary Armor This Week

Destiny 2’s Xur Will Be Giving Out God Rolls That Players Shouldn’t Miss

Destiny 2 is quite known for how mysterious its RNG works. Considering that the game is a looter shooter, it greatly matters in terms of which armor pieces and guns are kept by the players, and which ones they decide to get rid of. Since the loot pool is massive and the drops are random, players getting precisely what they need does not happen too often.

This is where Xur steps in. He has somewhat become relevant in the franchise, since he offers not only a selection of Exotics each week now, but also legendary armor pieces and weapons. And, for some reason, the stars have aligned for Destiny 2 players this weekend, as he will also be offering a collection of gear that they definitely should not miss.

destiny 2 xur god rolls

This week, together with some god rolls for weapons, which Destiny 2 players can obtain for 1,000 Glimmer and 50 Legendary Shards, Xur will also be selling some great rolls for Legendary and Exotic armor pieces. They can get a well-balanced pair of Geomag Stabilizers with a total stat value of 67. There will also be another 67 stat Exotic for the Titans, win the form of a One-Eyes Mask that will bring spikes in Mobility and Strength. Titans and Hunters can also get Legendary armor pieces, with a focus on the latter’s leg armor and gauntlets. The Titans, on the other hand, can get Legendary armor pieces for their leg and chest armor.

Through Xur’s inventory this week, Destiny 2 players can get three god rolls from a selection of seven weapons. The guns that they need to watch out for are Dire Promise and Main Ingredient for PvP, and Bottom Dollar for PvE. 

Bottom Dollar is a Gambit weapon that comes with an amazing total of 12 possible perks on each column, making this particular Outlaw/Dragonfly roll a fantastic weapon to pick up for all types of PvE content outside of Grandmaster Nightfalls.

Dire Promise is one of Destiny 2’s best hand cannons, and Xur’s version will come with High Caliber Rounds, Rangefinder, a Stability Masterwork, as well as Snapshot Sights. It will be perfect for the reworked Trials of Osiris.

Xur’s other god roll is that of Main Ingredient, which is an Arc fusion rifle that has Tap with Trigger and Under Pressure, which will end up maxing its Stability and making it an efficient destructive tool for Trials as well.