iJustine Unboxes a Very Special Fridge in New Video

Keeping Your Memes Cool

We’ve all seen the memes based on the next generation console’s interesting design choices. Whereas the PS5’s curves have seen it compared to routers and air fresheners, The Xbox Series X has consistently been compared to a fridge. It makes sense; it’s a sheer black rectangle that wouldn’t look out of place in modern kitchens, and I’m sure that a lot of people have thought about decking out their own fridges or minifridges to match Microsoft’s upcoming console. If you’re not a crafty person, or else want to see how an official Xbox fridge would look, you’re in luck, as YouTuber iJustine has been given a custom Xbox fridge, which she unveiled in a new unboxing video.

The video showcases all the little details of the fridge, from the massive recreation of the box itself to the light-up Xbox logo, green light, and even the console boot noise that plays when the fridge is opened. She does, however, comment that it’s too big to fit in her house. Cool? Heck yes. Practical? Perhaps not, but given that only three were made and the second is owned by rap superstar Snoop Dogg, it’s a fair bet that at least 1/3 of the owners of this coveted item will be able to afford to have their kitchen wall knocked down if that’s what it takes to get this inside. iJustine, however, is seemingly going to keep it in her garage.

As for the third fridge, it will be given away as part of a Sweepstakes run through Xbox’s Twitter channel, so if you’re very lucky you may find yourself with one of the only Xbox fridges on the planet.

Unfortunately, the fridge does not appear to double as a games console, so if you do win you’ll still need to purchase an Xbox Series X or S to take advantage of all their upcoming games.

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Source: YouTube