Top 10 First-Person Shooters Arriving in 2022

Top 10 FPS Titles Coming in 2022

One of my favorite game genres is first-person shooters. The reason: it’s so easy to drop in, play a few multiplayer games, or play through a couple levels of the storyline, without getting too sucked in. That’s not to say that the narrative can’t pull you in and keep you up until the wee hours of the morning. Some definitely do. Now there are plenty of first-person shooter titles out right now, lots of them that are going to have you swearing at twelve-year-olds, however there’s also some great ones coming this year. A couple, like Dying Light 2, Shadow Warrior 3, and Rainbow Six Extraction, have already arrived, but what’s left to come? Let’s find out.

10) Leap (2022)

Think Lawbreakers but with an extra splash of Halo and Titanfall. Hopefully just as good as the last two and a little less of the first. Leap, from Blue Isle Studios, is a fast-paced online multiplayer first-person shooter that’s looking to fill the void of the futuristic shooter. Early access is set to arrive sometime this year for PC players. It pits teams of up to 60 players against one another in a frenetic battle to the death. Maybe the coolest bit? Dodging enemy fire on a hoverboard. Traversal is going to be a wild ride, therefore so is every battle. Fingers crossed that Leap is going to be just as fun as it looks and that the movement mechanics are going to be silky smooth.

9) Isonzo (2022)

Isonzo is the latest in the WW1 game series, and takes the events and gameplay of Verdun and Tannenberg to the next level. It will give players an authentic look at what combat looked like, during 1915, on the Italian front. You’ll battle against Austria and Hungary in a fight to the death and it all takes place in the Alps. Though maybe not the most graphically inclined, Isonzo is a first-person shooter that focuses on the realism of war. Teams will take turns on the defensive and offensive and tactics are of the utmost importance here. Prepare yourself for the high stakes combat at high altitude and good luck; you’re sure to need it.

8) Exomecha (Q1 2022)

If you’ve watched any trailer about Exomecha you’ll know it gives off some serious Titanfall meets Crysis vibes. And the combat looks incredible. If that doesn’t get you excited for the action to come, I’m not sure what will. With the popularity of the Titanfall series I wouldn’t be surprised if Exomecha takes the world by storm this year. Though originally set to release in August of last year, the game was delayed until the first quarter of 2022. Exomecha is a free-to-play online shooter from new developer TwistedRed that takes place on the fictional planet called Omecha. You’ll be kicking mecha and dragon butt in a souped-up and personalized mech of your own. Jump into the futuristic robot world of Omecha and have the time of your life. I’ll see you there.

7) Instinction (September 2022)

Instinction, by developer Hashbane Interactive, is set to be a foray into prehistoric times. It’s an action-adventure game with plenty of FPS combat and customization options. There’s going to be a customizable hub, and will get to find many different weapons, skins, and other collectibles. You’ll get to play as April Summers, exploring new and gorgeous interactive environments. Along the way you’ll get to befriend some dinosaurs whilst having to survive against some more formidable ones. Discover lost and ancient artifacts and a civilization thought to be long gone in an unforgettable journey through another time. I don’t know about you, but playing alongside dinosaurs always sounds like a great idea!

6) Scorn (October 2022)

Even though Scorn isn’t inherently a first-person shooter it is a biopunk survival horror adventure title where you have to shoot your way out of hostile environments. It’s a nightmare universe that’s isolated and dream-like, yet completely interconnected. The only thing out of place is you. Scorn is immersive and interactive, and everything happens for a reason – so keep your eyes and ears peeled. Be careful with ammo because much like DOOM, you’re always in danger of running out. As such, combat isn’t always a must and strategy is super important if you want to survive. If you’re ready for a living and breathing environment that’ll have you on the edge of your seat, jumping at every little sound, Scorn should be on your must-play list of 2022.

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