This $138 Street Fighter V Ryu Model Crossbody Bag Is an Absolute Beauty

The Street Fighter V Ryu Model Crossbody Bag Impressions

This may not be my first foray into the world of SuperGroupies swag but it’s still nothing short of amazing. The more accessories I’ve read about or experienced myself, the more convinced I’ve become that SuperGroupies can do no wrong. Strong statement, I know, but it’s every bit the truth. I’ve previously gotten my hands on the Demon’s Souls watch and Demon’s Souls backpack, as well as the Bloodborne wallet, and now the latest accessory line, from the Street Fighter franchise, is right around the corner. As a celebration I’ve gotten to see what the Street Fighter V Ryu Model crossbody bag is all about. Let me tell you, it’s pretty damn cool.

It’s time to unwrap this glorious bag. Under the plastic and foam padding is a brand new white and black polyester and synthetic leather bag. But not any white and black bag – one made for Street Fighter fans worldwide. In fact, if you were to think about Ryu and what he looks like, this bag is the splitting image of his character. It’s smooth to the touch and oh so very, very pretty. The bag is a bit smaller than I was expecting but that’s just because of the design. It is a vertical cross body bag, after all.

And it wouldn’t quite be a SuperGroupies item without little intricacies to fall in love with. No surprise here, there are more than a few. The front of the bag is mainly white, with a bottom band of black. The back of the bag is the opposite, mostly black, with the exception of the white strap and strap loops. On the front there is a zipper that comes down to just over 50% of the middle of the bag. The zipper pull is modeled after Ryu’s red headband and adds an additional pop of color here. Near the bottom of the front of the bag there’s also a red logo embossed with the very same logo you’d find on Ryu’s gloves. These Chinese characters 風林火山 mean Fūrinkazan: Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain.

Little Secrets to Discover

While the logo on the front of the Street Fighter V Ryu Model bag seems like the best part, there’s still one more secret left to be discovered. Open the zipper and you’ll find a really cool fabric lining. The pattern on this lining includes energy wave symbols and lightning inspired by Ryu’s Critical Art Shinku Hadoken and his V-Trigger Denjin Renki. All that, plus a few more symbols fans would see during the K.O screen. That’s right, you’ll be greeted by flashes of blue and white along the other gray and black patterns every time you open the bag! As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a Street Fighter V: Champion Edition logo stamped in leather inside the bag too.

This Street Fighter V Ryu Model crossbody bag is well made. Every single little piece of it is crafted to perfection. It obviously looks nice, but it’s also durable. The shoulder strap is attachable on either the left or right side of the bag allowing for comfort to remain a top priority. It can also carry quite a bit of weight.

Feel free to pack it full of your favorite items, regardless of whether you’re going to school, work, or as a carry-on to your next adventure. Be warned however that it certainly won’t fit your entire collection of video games. There simply isn’t enough space. There’s the main interior and a small pocket inside to carry a few smaller items, like headphones or your wallet. That said, there isn’t as much depth, and it’s not as wide as a regular backpack so don’t plan on packing your whole life into this bag.

The Specs

What exactly are the dimensions of the Street Fighter V Ryu Model crossbody bag then? Well it’s 17.32 inches long, 9.45 inches wide and 4.72 inches deep. The strap is adjustable up to 41.34 inches and it weighs 455 grams (just over 1 pound). All of this just means that while it’s not the most spacious, it’s comfortable for everyone to wear. It’s also a bit more compact and it’s lightweight.

So how much will the Street Fighter V Ryu Model crossbody bag set you back? It comes to $138.00 USD. You might think that’s a hefty price tag but given just how stylish, fun, and sturdy the bag is, it’s totally worth it. My go-to is still the Demon’s Soul backpack but that’s because I fell in love with it first. I’ll definitely be using this whenever I’m on vacation because it’s more compact.

If you’re looking for a bigger backpack, maybe look elsewhere. For anyone who doesn’t have an incredibly well-crafted, strong and extraordinary bag however, the Street Fighter V Ryu Model crossbody bag isn’t one to pass up. And if you’re a bit of a nerd, a Street Fighter fan, or you’re in the market for a nice gym bag or purse, look no further. The Street Fighter V Ryu Model crossbody bag checks off all the boxes!

***The product was provided to COGconnected for the purpose of this article***