This Demon’s Souls Watch Is Seriously Impressive

Demon’s Souls Watch Impressions

SuperGroupies USA are at it again and this time they have a new Demon’s Souls collection. A few months back I got my hands on their Bloodborne Wallet and now I’ve gotten the opportunity to check out their Demon’s Souls watch. Along with the watch this collection offers a wallet, a pair of boots and a backpack. A little known fact about me: I’ve recently started a watch collection. The more unique, the better. Without a doubt, this SuperGroupies Demon’s Souls watch has quickly become one of my favorites.

From the moment you open the box it comes in you’ll be impressed. It has a nice weight to it and is thick and sturdy. Right away you’ll know it’s built to last. That is exactly how a watch should feel at the get-go.

It’s got a leather strap that is firm yet flexible and the outside is a lighter shade of black. The inside of the strap is beige. The buckle is a lighter black and made of stainless steel. The case and bezel are a darker black brass and the face is made from a clear acrylic resin. There are also two additional push buttons on the right side, one on either side of the conventional crown. But what’s underneath is the most striking part of the entire watch. And easily the most intricately detailed.

The Devil Is in the Details

The Demon’s Souls watch has a multi-level dial design with visible depth between the brass and acrylic layers. The minute and hour hands, as well as the markers on the dial are gold, as are the markers in the subdial. Odd numbered markers are all slightly different in shape and size. According to SuperGroupies there’s a distinct reason for this. Hour markers are modeled after 5 Archstones, where the marker for 1 o’clock represents the Archstone of the Giant; the broken 6th archstone. Even numbered markers are roman numerals. There are gold details that are inspired by the circles in the Nexus too. The smaller details, like the second hand and the hands of both subdials are blue like that of the collected souls in-game.

It’s beautifully crafted and of high quality all around. And though it already sounds like a fan’s dream, it gets even better. My favorite little detail comes from the back of the watch and is a nice homage to the Demon Soul’s fans. There is a quote from the Maiden in Black etched there. It reads, “Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel, Let strength be granted, so the world might be mended.”

Want…or Need?

So now you know that it is durable and intricately detailed. But is it comfortable? Is it practical? The answer for both questions is a resounding yes. The leather strap becomes more comfortable each and every time you wear it. It starts to mold to your wrist. And even though the watch has a decent heft to it I didn’t find it too heavy for my wrist. It’s also water resistant to splashes, showering, swimming and rain and snow. I didn’t try that out for myself aside from splashes while washing my hands though.

My one and only, albeit small, gripe is that the instructions are not in English. Given there is more than one button along the right side of the watch it would be nice to know for sure what each one does without a trial and error process.

This Demon Soul’s watch is, without a doubt, an awesome talking piece for gamers and is also incredibly fashionable. It’s well-suited for anyone who likes watches, gaming in general or is just a Demon’s Souls fan. It’s a tad on the expensive side for anyone who is simply looking for a timepiece, coming in at $218 USD. That said, it is very well made and worth every single penny. Maybe the only group of people this Demon’s Souls watch isn’t suited for are those with small and delicate wrists.

***The product was provided to COGconnected for the purpose of this article***