Supergroupies Unveils Cool Tales of Arise Fashion Items

Supergroupies Unveils Cool Tales of Arise Fashion Items 

Supergroupies is an international fashion brand that is known for its creative and cool collaborations with video game and anime companies. Thus far, the company has collaborated to create items for various titles such as Cyberpunk, Nier Automata, Bloodborne and Kirby. Today, the company has announced that it has collaborated with Tales of Arise to offer a new line of products based on the game. Soon enough, fans will be able to purchase watches, bags and wallets inspired by Shionne and Alphen details.

The Alphen Model Watch features a black and blue dial inspired by Alphen and his Sincleaver Armor. The watch is filled with other features such as the design of the main dial and a unique pattern on the right side of the watch featuring his armor. Furthermore, metallic parts for Alphen’s armor and clasps based on his scarf decorate the watch otherwise. The hour hand is red while the minute hand is black, based on his Sincleaver Blade.

Additionally, fans will be able to purchase the Shionne Wallet and Backpack based on the outfit of the Scarlet Noble. The colors are ivory, brown and red. The wallet features two roses, which is an important symbol for most fans of the franchise!

Interested fans will be able to pre-order the items from 26th April until 15th May. The watches are card to release in December 2022 while the backpacks and wallets will release in October 2022. The watch will cost $220USD while the backpack and wallet will cost $150USD and $110USD respectively.

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SOURCE: Press Release