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Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn DLC Review

Roughly two years after the release of Tales of Arise, a new narrative chapter unfolds in the form of a story DLC titled “Beyond the Dawn.” My initial encounter with Tales of Arise was enjoyable. The prospect of more content left me uncertain, questioning whether I truly needed or desired an extension of the original experience. The fundamental features and gameplay loop persist. They mirror the base game closely—interested readers are encouraged to explore our initial review of Tales of Arise. Nevertheless, Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn commences at a measured pace. It gradually gains momentum and evolves into an experience that, while not revolutionary, manages to justify its existence.

Set one year after the events in Tales of Arise, Beyond the Dawn aptly delves into the post-game lives of the main cast and several side characters. The introduction of Nazamil, a new character holding significance in the DLC’s narrative, contributes a different dynamic to the established ensemble. The primary narrative succeeds in updating players on the trajectories of their favorite characters. But the DLC feels simultaneously rushed, clocking in at 10-15 hours, and also artificially lengthened as well. Reconnecting with the original characters proved satisfying. Sadly, the newly introduced storyline failed to resonate with me on a profound level.

Start at the Beginning

Accessible through the main menu, Beyond the Dawn can be started regardless of the player’s progression in the base game. Character levels start at 65, irrespective of whether you have beaten the main game or not. It is recommended to have beaten the game. For returning players, the DLC offers the convenience of additional rewards based on their accumulated time with Tales of Arise.

In tandem with the new narrative, Beyond the Dawn introduces a number of fresh skills and abilities for all characters. While the overall gameplay remains intact from the original Tales of Arise release, I mostly forgot how to play the game. Jumping into the fray at level 65, contending with resilient adversaries, required a few hours to reacquaint myself with the combat mechanics and fight as efficiently as I once did.

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn serves as a nostalgic reunion with beloved characters from years past. However, the necessity of additional closure remains a subjective matter, especially considering the already satisfying conclusion offered in the base game. It’s worth noting that Tales of Arise significantly contributed to elevating the long-running series into mainstream recognition. Beyond the Dawn seems more akin to a modest project. It’s a subtle reminder of the Tales franchise as it bridges toward an eventual next release. While not a groundbreaking expansion, Beyond the Dawn manages to carve out its space, offering both familiarity and a subtle nod to the franchise’s enduring legacy.

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The Good

  • Fun familiar characters
  • Gameplay and graphics hold up

The Bad

  • Bland story
  • Pacing issues