Tales of Arise Has Hit 1M Sales Milestone Less Than a Week After Launch

Tales of Arise Is The Fastest Selling Title in the Franchise

Tales of Arise was released just last week, and it has already reached an impressive sales milestone. Bandai Namco has announced today that the game has already surpassed one million units sold on a global scale, making it the fastest selling game in the entire franchise.

We are very proud and humbled to see fans’ and newcomers’ reception playing Tales of Arise,” announced Producer Yusuke Tomizawa. “Our goal with this title was to open the franchise to as many players as possible while maintaining the Tales DNA, and uniqueness that has allowed the franchise to stay strong for more than 25 years.”

tales of arise one million sales milestone

The team behind Tales of Arise took to social media to thank their community for the support. This new milestone for Tales of Arise brings the franchise’s total units sold up to a very respectable 25 million. “In addition to this fantastic news, the Tales series has now exceeded 25 million copies sold worldwide,” the devs wrote. “There was no better way to end our 25th anniversary.”

Tales of Arise was launched just a week ago, and its amazing success since release sits quite snugly alongside the sales figures of its predecessors. Tales of Berseria, which was released in 2016, has hit its two million total sales goal, while Tales of Vesperia was even reportedly more successful than that.  We would like to thank players for their support,” Tomizawa added. 

In Tales of Arise, players will be taken to the planet Dahna, as it has greatly suffered at the hands of its oppressors, the planet Rena. As Bandai Namco has described, “Our tale begins with two people—born on different worlds—each looking to change their fate and create a new future.”

Taking a look at the numbers, fans strongly believe that Bandai Namco has no plans to end the series’ legacy of mystery, magic, romance, and adventure anytime soon.