Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online Are Coming to Tales of Arise

New Content to Add Quest, Cosmetics, Artes from Sword Art Online

Tales of Arise will receive a collab DLC, starring one of the most popular Japanese franchises, Sword Art Online.  Unlike the other cosmetic DLC’s already released for the game, the upcoming DLC will feature new gameplay and story content, as well as the usual cosmetics and weapons featured in other DLC’s.

Sword Art Online features a world where players are stuck in a VR MMO game, where dying in-game means dying in real life.  The Sword Art Online franchise, which spans from light novels to animes, features two main protagonists – Kirito and Asuna.  As such, these two characters will be the ones added to Tales of Arise.

The new DLC seems to tease a new quest, where you fight Kirito and Asuna in a boss fight.  The trailer showcases a few of their abilities and moves.  However, although you will have to face the Sword Art Online duo in the beginning, the trailer teases a team up at the end against a monster.  As it is a team-up attack reminiscent of a boost strike with three characters, it also hints at the possibility of unlocking both Kiroto and Asuna for play.

In addition to the new game content, it will also add cosmetic outfits for Alphen, Shionne, and Law, as well as weapons for Kirito.  Finally, it will add a new Artes – at the end of the trailer, it shows Alphen dual-wielding swords, which is Kirito’s signature skill.  In addition, Alphen says Kirito’s quote “I have gotta go faster” as part of this animation.

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