Fallen Tear: The Ascension Is Launching Its Kickstarter Campaign in July

Get Ready to Support Fallen Tear: The Ascension

The indie game studio Winter Crew is proud to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Fallen Tear: The Ascension will launch on 18 July 2024. This will mark the beginning of a new journey and everyone is welcome to join this amazing journey. So, mark your calendars right now and prepare for some limited edition and exclusive rewards, as well as early bird specials.

Also, make sure to hit the ‘Notify Me On Launch Button’ button to show some love and support for the game.

Fallen Tear: The Ascension

Fallen Tear: The Ascension is a high fantasy JRPG with Metroidvania elements. It takes place in the magical world of Raoah where you’ll fight dangerous beasts, defy corrupt gods, and face harsh challenges in an attempt to bring balance back to your world.

Embark on a journey with Hira, a mysterious boy seeking the truth about his past. As you progress, you will meet a multitude of fully-voiced characters, and unlock new skills and abilities. All of these will help you in your battle through breathtaking environments that change constantly with your choices.

Here are some key features:

– Compelling narrative-driven adventure with over 40 hours of gameplay in stunning 2D hand-drawn animation.

– Fully-voiced cast of characters, creatures, and bosses.

– Open and constantly changing world that reacts to the choices you make.

– Unique and interchangeable bond summoning system

– Customizable fighting styles, abilities, and dwelling layout.

– Gorgeous and immersive soundtrack composed by Lukas Piel.

Fallen Tear: The Ascension will be coming out on PC via Steam in partnership with the publishers CMD Studios and Holysoft Studios. To build up the hype, take a look at the Kickstarter trailer below.