Novus Orbis Has Launched Its Kickstarter Campaign

Let’s Show Some Support for Novus Orbis

Developer Seizo Games and publisher 2 Left Thumbs are proud to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming title Novus Orbis is now live. It also comes with a brand-new trailer and an updated demo on Steam. The game will be launching for PC sometime in Q3 of 2024, so stay tuned for more updates.

Novus Orbis

Novus Orbis is a combo-based deck-builder roguelike game that takes place in a space-time loop. Players must explore, improve, and get stronger and more knowledgeable to bring order back to the land.

Along the way, they will collect various cards, receive blessings, add pets to their party, and become undefeatable. Chaining together cards in the right order will unleash maximum power. However, players need to be quick and act before the enemy does.

There are three classes to choose from as well, each with completely different sets of cards and mechanics. Discover more than 100 cards per class and form the perfect chain to bring down the enemies.

Key features:

– Sci-fi/fantasy roguelike deck builder

– Unique combo-based card interactions

– Plan ahead with the enemy Countdown system

– Highly synergistic decks + blessings

– Acquire pets to further customize each run

– 2 classes are available, and more to come!

– Highly variable runs with many enemies, events, bosses, and more!

Make sure to take a look at the latest Kickstarter trailer below.