God for a Day Demo Is Live Now on Steam

Make Divine Decisions in God for a Day

The indie game developer Funky Forest has officially launched a free demo of its upcoming title God for a Day on Steam. The game is expected to come out on the platform sometime in 2024, though there is no specific release window so far. Everyone can hop right into it and experience the thrill of becoming an omnipotent being.

God for a Day

God for a Day is a 2D narrative-driven simulation game where you play as the Son of God. It seamlessly blends the thought-provoking elements of “Paper, Please” and the existential choices of “Death and Taxes”. Your mission is to decide whether to bless or condemn the residents of Hopewood City.

You will uncover the stories of these residents through items and secrets before making life-changing choices. Your decision plays a very crucial part (you are God after all) and it can alter the destiny of the city. Or even impact your revelation on Judgment Day as well. The game explores the intricacies of divinity, morality, and the unpredictable nature of our existence.

Key Features:

– Meaningful Choices: Every decision resonates through social media, altering the city’s fate.

– Branching Storyline: Multiple secret animated endings await your divine choices.

– Dark humor: Immerse yourself in the darkly comedic narrative.

– Original Soundtrack & Artwork: Enjoy a unique experience with hand-drawn stylized graphics and relaxing lo-fi music.

– Achievements Gallery: Unlock numerous achievements as you navigate the divine narrative.

– Kitter: Engage with your followers on social media.

– Divine Resistance: Navigate challenges, including resisting temptations from Satan in a bar.

– Funny Dialogues.

So, are you excited to make divine decisions and help shape the fate of Hopewood City?