Tricky Madness Has Released Its Steam Next Fest Demo

A Snowboarding Adventure Awaits in Tricky Madness

Developer Nathan Dearth has released a demo of Tricky Madness on Steam ahead of its Steam Next Fest participation. This demo version features updated graphics, gameplay improvements, and level design changes.

Additionally, the developer has redesigned the audio, and players can hear a sneak peek of the first seven original tracks that will be in the full game. So. hurry up and try out your best moves in this modern take on snowboarding classics right now.

Tricky Madness

Tricky Madness is a love letter to the fan-favorite snowboarding games of the early 2000s. Drawing inspiration from classics like SSX and 1080, it focuses on speed and big air time. The game features iconic snowboarding tricks and a familiar tricking system brought to life with polished gameplay, modern visuals, and modern game system accessibility.

Ride down the slopes and catch big air to score tricking points and a speed boost upon a successful landing. Each map is filled with secrets waiting to be discovered. There are branching paths, shortcuts, and hidden areas, offering an opportunity to explore the eight planned standalone maps and connected mountain campaigns.

Key features:

– Eight handcrafted standalone maps, each with hidden surprises and experiences.
– A dedicated campaign mode set on an open-world mountain with secrets and collectibles.
– Eight fully voiced characters with unique backstory, personalities, and snowboarding tricks.
– A voiced in-game DJ commentator, hyping you up as you make your way through the game.
– Three game modes to test your speed and skills including freestyle, time trials, and races.
– An enhanced tricking points system encourages you to trick more often for speed boosts and unlocks Uber Tricks and Grinds.

Furthermore, the game is launching on Early Access later this year, so stay tuned for more updates.