Retaliate Is Shooting Its Way to Steam Next Month

Retaliate Towards the Enemies

Prepare yourself for an amazing intergalactic space adventure. Romans I XVI Gaming has announced that their latest upcoming title, Retaliate is launching on Steam on 15th July. Additionally, a free demo version of the game is already available on the platform for everyone to try out.


Retaliate is a retro-inspired space shooter where you must survive without the infinite ammo, typical of this genre. Instead, you must absorb enemy weapons and turn them against your foes. The game starts with a shield and no ammo. Use the shield to destroy the enemies and absorb their weapons. Utilize this firepower against your enemies in this fresh twist on the classic space shooter formula.

Here are some key highlights of the game:

– Story: Discover who has seized control of all the weapons in the galaxy and bring their reign of terror to an end!

– Arcade: Challenge yourself to master the mechanics of Retaliate. Go for a high score in Endless mode, perfect the levels in Trials mode, or try the original that inspired it all in Classic mode.

– Hangar: What is victory if you’re not doing it in style? Customize your ship and your shield in the hangar.

Take a look at the official trailer of the game and get a sneak peek of all the actions ahead.