The Spell Brigade Joins the Steam Next Fest With a Demo

Unleash the Magic in The Spell Brigade

The Belgian indie game studio Bolt Blaster Games has announced that The Spell Brigade is taking part in the Steam Next Fest with a demo. Players will finally get to experience the chaotic fun of this bullet-hell rogue-like game. Check out the official trailer of the game to get a glimpse of the exciting gameplay ahead.

“In the weeks leading up to Steam Next Fest, we concentrated on fine-tuning game balance and adding the finishing touches. Thanks to our community’s invaluable early feedback, we were able to smooth out the remaining quirks and demo the game from great to epic.” – Bolt Blaster Games

The Spell Brigade is an online co-op, friendly-fire, bullet hell, rogue-like for up to 4 players. You will step inside the shoes of a wizard and team up with your friends to take on hordes of monsters. It features different spell combinations with various elements, resulting in synergies that can become very overpowered.

There are multiple worlds with different objectives and difficulties as well. So, whether you play it alone or in a team, there will be room to grow and unlock all the different wizards and spells.

Here are some key features:

– Survivors-like Gameplay with Multiplayer Madness: Enjoy the thrill of fighting thousands of weird monsters together. Complete missions and upgrade spells as a team. Survive together!

– Team-Based Combat: Assemble your Brigade and traverse the mystical warpath together. Experience the benefits of fighting as a team, even if it means occasionally stepping on each other’s toes.

– Dynamic Spell System: Find, upgrade, and combine your spells with powerful elements. The game ensures that no two builds are ever the same.