Symbol of Sacrifice Demo Is Out Now on Steam

Adventure Awaits in Symbol of Sacrifice

Prepare yourself to try out an epic adventure game! Umbrella Labs has officially released a demo version of the Symbol of Sacrifice on PC via Steam. This demo allows players to play the first story arc of the game. So, what are you waiting for? Dive right into it and get a first-hand experience of the game.

Symbol of Sacrifice

Symbol of Sacrifice is a high fantasy sci-fi visual novel that draws heavy inspiration from jRPG titles. The game takes place in the enchanting realm of Sonir, a planet steeped in elemental magic and ancient mysteries. It follows the tales of the epic clash between two civilizations in their desperate attempt at survival.

The story focuses on the modest origins of the cataclysm in the small village of Alezia, where our heroes, the three young siblings – Azil, Itori, and Lillia experience a family tragedy and embark on a journey toward redemption. During this journey, a crucial decision arises be it a sacrifice or a trade. The player’s choice will shape the game, branching into three distinct storylines with different encounters, locations, battles, endings, and more.

Here are some key features:

– Hand-drawn Sprites: Beautiful, hand-drawn sprites help bring to life a tale of epic proportion.

– A Pivotal Decision: A devastating event, shrouded in mystery, will force you to make a heart-wrenching decision that will alter the course of the entire narrative.

– Your Choices Matter: The fate of Akirath rests in your hands, as you navigate a world where choices echo across the tapestry of existence.

– Skill-based Combat: Demonstrate your tactical prowess. Each battle is a puzzle, many of which have multiple solutions. There are no stats or levels. Just pure skill.