Haunted House Renovator Is Taking Part in the Steam Next Fest

Become a Haunted House Renovator

Image Power has announced that Haunted House Renovator will take part in the upcoming Steam Next Fest. There will be a demo for everyone to try out during the event which is from June 10 to 17. This unique game will put players in the shoes of a paranormal renovator, and it has garnered so much attention and enthusiasm.

Haunted House Renovator

It is worth mentioning that Haunted House Renovator received much praise during its recent playtest. The testers loved its immersive atmosphere, engaging mechanics, and the unique blend of renovation and paranormal elements. They particularly enjoyed the first-person perspective that plunges them into the heart of supernatural challenges. As well as the satisfaction that comes from transforming haunted houses into beautiful homes.

The upcoming demo of the game will allow players to explore the core mechanics, encounter various hauntings, and get a feel for the atmospheric graphics and creative decorating options. It is a wonderful opportunity for all those eager to immerse themselves in a world of paranormal renovation and provide further feedback.

Here are some key features:

– A first-person paranormal renovator simulator experience that plunges players into the heart of the supernatural.

– Atmospheric graphics that set the stage for a truly eerie adventure.

– Encounters consisting of various hauntings, possessions, and curses players have to combat while navigating through each haunted house.

– Diverse locations, each presenting its challenges and mysteries.

– Unbound creativity with decorating, enabling players to transform these haunted houses into inviting homes.