Battledroid Has Officially Launched Its Kickstarter Campaign

Show Some Love for Battledroid

The UK-based micro-studio Puppygames has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest upcoming title Battledroid. The goal is to release the game to the general public. The studio has been developing the game for 14 years and needs everyone’s help to ensure a successful launch. The campaign will come to an end on 28 June, so make sure to show some love and support for this amazing upcoming game.


Battledroid is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer asynchronous online PvP auto-battler. Players will engage in epic battles for control over a detailed model of Earth, consisting of 250,000 unique territories. Each player must defend their territory with heavily fortified bases. All the while launching assaults on other players’ territories using vast armies of robots.

Equip them with an array of weaponry including machine guns, blasters, rockets, lasers, and howitzers. The game places a huge emphasis on planning and strategy. Once an attack begins, it unfolds autonomously. This allows you to sit back and watch the thrilling spectacle and eagerly anticipate the outcome.

“BATTLEDROID is a deep and complex game, which is why it’s taken us so long to make it,” says Caspian Prince, director of Puppygames. “We’re really close to unveiling it to the masses, but we just need a bit of funding for polish and testing before we can let the whole world get blown up.”