The Crust Has Launched Its Kickstarter Campaign

Let’s Show Some Support for the Crust

Publisher Crytivo and developer VEOM Studio have launched the Kickstarter campaign for their highly anticipated moon colonization title, The Crust. Get ready to step into the shoes of a CEO and pave the way for humanity’s survival on the moon. It features elements from base building, automation, and management simulation.

Satisfactory and Dyson Sphere Program’s fans will love the automation aspects as well as trading and colonist management mechanics in the game. Additionally, players that support the Kickstarter will be getting early access to pre-release testing.

The Crust

The Crust is a base-building colony simulator game that takes place against the backdrop of the dying Earth. You will need to become the CEO of the company to build and automate a lunar base fit for survival. All the responsibilities are in your hands, so, do you think you have the skills to lead humanity in space?

Mine various lunar resources, build processing machinery, and power up your base with satellites and batteries. There are different scientific advancements to unlock as well as three research trees to enhance your technological capabilities.

Embark on an epic expedition to unravel the hidden secrets of the moon. Deploy your rover to various locations, and delve into the mysteries of the newfound habitat of humanity. Exchange resources with Earth through contracts. Be careful though because your decisions have the power to shape their political landscape. Choosing the right faction to support is the best way to handle it.

Do not forget that people are the most valuable resource. Keep a watch on their health, mood, and needs. Make sure you hire the best experts and form a team with unique traits and skills. This will allow you to optimize your production and research.